Sunday, June 8, 2014

Of Bangles and Silk

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I have a gypsy shadow… She rises from the steam of my bath, curling, twirling, spinning madly, arms raised entwined above her head. The tinks and clinks and tiny bells upon her skirts hypnotize my busyness, slow me down, calm my buzzing brain. She is a froth of activity, but so free, so wild, so unencumbered I forget to worry, I just watch…

She twirls into the depths of me and spins herself around my heart, releasing all of the things I should not do, could not do, have not done. She opens the gates on my fears and sends them fleeing out into the openness, away from me and my soul. She laughs at my reluctance, dances through my anxiety and flings my insecurities and doubts far away.

She unfurls my confidence like the silky scarf tied fast around her hair and opens me wide with the flick of a ringed hand, bangles clanking against her wrists. Refusing my hesitation with a hearty cascade of laughter she reaches in deep, caressing my inner secrets, cherishing my awe and wonder wresting from me the gems I never thought to possess.

The silver bells on her ankles bounce and sing as she beckons me to loose the wild, to dance with her in abandon and unbridled joy. Her cascading laughter and whispered sighs encourage me to dive and spin and twist beside her, to open that vault of mystery and explore the delights inside. She pulls the burn of my desire from my deeps and spins the flame, unafraid, into an orb of bright and inviting light. She is revealing the hidden and giving wings to my dreams in ways I could not do.

I have a gypsy shadow and she's never far away…. Listen and you can hear her sing.