Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Simple Stuff

I know! It has been too long! (Reaches out and gives you that uncomfortable "pat-pat" hug.) I try desperately not to give apologies or false hope here. I won't tell you "real life got in the way" or that I have been very, very busy - All of which is true. I will tell you that this is still my happy spot and I miss you when I don't show up here. I have been out in Analog World doing Me.

Me? Well this chick is a mess! She does things like lays laminate floor and crochets sweaters, draws cell phone covers and decorates glassware. She has a card business and lots of creative ideas. She writes reams and then doesn't write at all. She's simple and she's complex and all of that inside a 30 nano-second time span. I won't pretend to know why I have been out of the blogosphere for the last two weeks, I only know that I have accomplished much, gotten some much needed chores done, reclaimed an entire room in my home, lost a dog and been dealing with an insurance company. It has been a little hectic... And yet, I have been happy. Well... As happy as I can be when I am not writing.

Writing is just so much of who I am. It is the essence of Me. When you do what you love it is as if you suddenly exist. When I neglect it - Well, I become shadow - bodiless mist, as it were. Don't feel sorry for me, I can be damned productive shadow-mist! But I still pine for that space in my head that feeds my writer-self. I miss it. And so... Here I am!

It hasn't been an easy week, but I am still here, all of my loved ones are safe and the hard decisions are made. It is in these weeks, when I rely on God most, that I become aware again of how important it is to say thank you for the simple things and take a moment to appreciate them fully. Here is my list:

  • I love the smell of fresh ground, fresh brewed coffee, hot in my mug, the color of warm caramel.
  • I love to see my dog stare at me. Such innocence and love, unconditional and unwavering.
  • I love realizing that the cat who loves only my husband is sitting next to me and allowing me to absently stroke his incredibly soft head. I love that he pretends not to notice I am touching him and I love that I touch him without thinking about it.
  • I love that if you leave honey and lemons in a mason jar long enough they ferment into a lovely addition to your Vodka.
  • I adore text messages from my love. He gets me... Mostly.
  • I love my bed and the sound of my fingernails on the keyboard. They remind me that I am doing what I love in the best spot in the house, surrounded by the things that I love and love me back.
  • I love the smell of cut lumber.
  • I love the feeling I get when I accomplish something I was afraid to start (Yes, laminate floor and cardigan sweater, I am talking about you!)
  • I love remembering to write things down so I don't forget them later and then actually remembering where I wrote them so I have them at my disposal when the time comes...
  • I love the feel of crisp, fresh paper
  • I love knowing that all of my choices, good and misguided, make me who I am and no one can say they have done it exactly like I have.
  • I love feeling my purple converse get wet from the slush because it means we have snow on the ground.
  • I love knowing that no matter what I fear, God already knows how it turns out.
  • I love the curls and waves in my hair that are so trendy right now and all I have to do is give it a spritz and I am done...
  • I love being a sister.
  • I love finding a bargain at the Goodwill at just the right moment and confirming that it was a really good deal!
  • I love just being...

What are your simple things? Say thank you right now and count them out loud!

Be blessed!