Fictional, Shorts and Other Stuff

Hello!  Welcome to my page of links to my fictional brain... Yes, I do write fiction! I occasionally let a good one spill out into the cyber-verse and allow other eyes to read it. All of these stories are published on the main page of my blog as I get them out there, but if you ever want to re-read, or if you are new and would like a gander into my wild imagination here is an easy place to do that from.

Below you will find links to those posts that are fictitious in nature or that have been published on other websites. (Often when published on another website, the moderators will ask the author not to publish on their own blog to garner more hits. Therefore, the link to their site is present here.) They are in decending order from newest to oldest. Be warned, they are long posts and unedited other than my meager skills, so your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated! This page will be updated as I add shorts, poems and other links to my resume.

Thank you for your interest and be blessed! I know I am!!

Getting Affairs in Order
Mourning Light
Play Misty
Of Things Past: A Short Story : A short story of love lost and found...
Deeper: A Poem...
One Last Bit: The last snippet of My Grandmother's Pearls allowed on the Blog
Another Little Snippet: More of My Grandmother's Pearls
Square Pegs and Other Motivators: The First Excerpt of My Grandmother's Pearls

From other publications/websites:

I am a bad girl: Submission to Prodigal Magazine, title speaks for itself