Saturday, September 29, 2012


Photo courtesy of M. Brubaker

It always bubbles just below the surface
That little place in my heart where you live
No matter how much I push and prod,
Swirl and shove, it bubbles there without ceasing.

The crush of it, the swells, the curling of it spins me
Deeper, down into the dark and the silence.
The light above seems far from me, a pin hole
Of brightness above my head as I sink ever further.

Reach for me, dive deep and far to grasp my hand,
Make it just as my lungs fill with the drowning liquids.
Save me, pull me from the darkest deeps to
Fill me again with the sun above the waves.

Don't leave me in the depths, spinning there
Just below the surface.
Bring me topside, hold me safely out of the churn -
Floating in the sunshine of your love.