Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Whichever Way the Wind Blows

Photo Credit to my Incredible Half-Sister-In-Law, Crystal Brown
I know...

It has been too long. I realize that the irony is thick around this one, but I was busy writing so I didn't write. Here. (Rolls eyes... Takes deep breath.)

Life gets in the way sometimes and lately I have been letting life get in my way more than most. You know, I have these afflictions. Afflictions like parenting and making a living (several, in fact) and every now and then running away from home... FAR away from home. These all have gotten woefully in the way of writing here. Not that I haven't missed it. I have.

Here is where I feel free. I can be who I am, write the short stories, be the scattered person in my head with the thoughts all a-tangle and the wine glass full to the brim. I will still check in... I will. I still have writing prompts that keep at me and little pieces of myself to explore. Here is where I do that. Here is where I dare to be unprofessional and not authoritative and not at all in control. Here is where I live.

I am a dandelion seed, blown about on the hot winds of summer.
I am hither and yon, lighting only momentarily to take flight once more.
I tilt and careen, carefree in my path, never certain of my landing.
When my updraft-umbrella-seed finally alights,
I am there only enough time to push through the surface, bloom briefly and take flight again;
Rebirthed and rejuvenated, lifted by the breezes to fly again.
Aloft is where I find peace, the earth cannot hold me fast.
Aloft I am renewed and invigorated. Earthbound is not for me.