Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Watercolor by Quincy Brown

I see you…

I see your intensity, your smiling eyes, your mouth pursed as you create the life you imagine through your art and your writing.

I see your desire to do right, to choose wisely, to make us proud.

I see you…

I see that spark that lights within when your friends reach out, when they touch your heart, when they hear your silent cries.

I see a woman with incredible drive, a lust for life, a laugh that reflects immense joy within.

I see you…

I see my shadow, pale and waning; not much of me now, but all of you.

I see your heart, vulnerable and soft, in your touch and hugs, your breath on my neck.

I see you…

I crave your voice, the laugh that cascades like water, the way it floats on air and sings back to me all of your secrets and dreams.

I feel your loss, the stepping away, the testing of boundaries and I see your cautious look back.

I see you…

I see the day fast approaching when I will wait to hear your call, to watch you drive in the driveway, to feel your hug around my neck.

I see your wings, stretched out, ready for flight and new, adventurous views.

I see you, darling girl, with all of your shining little gems. I see you when you are sure nobody sees. I see you and I am filled with joy!