Monday, June 25, 2012

A Message from Him to You

Be kind to My friend today. She needs your encouragement, not your criticism. She's feeling unworthy and unwanted. Be nice to her as only you can. Tell her that I love her. I know you have said it all before... Tell her again anyway.

Love My friend today. Show her how special she is and how I have given her gifts to cheer her and feed her soul. Give her permission right now to use those gifts, even though she has so much to do and lots of places to be. Tell her to spend time on her, just for Me.

Encourage My friend today. Show her my wonders and my works to lift her spirit and allow her heart to breath. Tell her I have all the problems circling her brain already figured out and at the right time I will provide the solutions. Remind her of all the times that I have done that in the past.

Pray with My friend today. Remind her that I am only a whisper away. Tell her again that I am always listening for the sounds of my people. It is My greatest joy to hear her call out to Me so that I may answer. She is no burden to Me but a great delight to My heart. Tell her I sit waiting in the Living Room of her soul to commune with her and comfort her.

Be kind to My friend today. She is loved beyond measure and treasured as My child. Be very kind to My friend, because My friend is you.