Monday, June 11, 2012

The Dangers of Someday

I am not special. I have gifts and talents that God has chosen to use in many ways, but those talents are not necessarily unique to only me. My voice can be, but the talent of writing is given to many. I am not unique in my structure. I have two arms, two legs, all the standard equipment of every other woman on the planet. I think, I cry, I hate, I love, I am an emotional wreck, just like you. I am not special.

What is special about me is the fact that God gave me free will. I have the ability to choose. I can choose wisely and well or I can choose recklessly and poorly. But the fact remains, I have the gift of choice.

There is very little in this life that truly, to the core of who I am, frightens me. I like to think that I am a pretty solid individual in that I have faith God will care for me as He has promised and that I am never in a situation without Him at my side. What I do fear, deep down inside where the dark things slither and sulk, is "someday." I fear in my right-now-obligations I will lose out on the blessings of God because I put it off 'til "Someday."

Someday is a time stealer. She is a nasty witch with a hateful heart. She is a good deed that needs done right now that distracts me from what I know is the better thing to do for God. She is a procrastinator that fills my heart with fear of rejection, fear of inadequacy, fear of success. She is a nasty little wench clothed in good timing and another-day-ness. Someday is not my friend. Someday is a thief and a liar.

Again, this dude made me think... He always does. I apologize now for the shock of what that post is about, but really, I get it. Conquering the Someday lie is admitting I need to grow a set... It means stepping out of my fears and taking responsibility for what I want. It means that I may will fail. It means that I may will hurt. It also means that unless I step away from Someday and start living now, I will be at that place in my life where I no longer have the ability to do those things I put off 'til "someday."

No more excuses, no more "someday" - time to shrug off the cloak of fears that have weighted me down and kept me comfortably dry and warm. Time to step into TODAY.

Photo used with permission. (Thank you Aubrey!)