Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Meaning of...

I have a question for you. Yeah, I know, you never seem to answer these, but I will give it a go anyway. See, I do all sorts of things in my life. Most of them I do because I have to, not because I chose them or I am particularly good at them, but because I have to do them. I married into one obligation, I stumbled into another to support that one and I am stuck. (Not stuck in the marriage, love that part, just stuck in the job of business ownership.)

I have this on my wall:

Well, sort of. The other day, I came into the studio and it had fallen off said wall and was laying in the floor. Do you think that means something here? Is that some sort of omen or just a chance of the wind vibrating my not so permanent, not so sturdy velcro and tape set up? Yeah, me too.

So my question, because I haven't actually asked it yet... What thing in your life do you do because you have to? If you aren't sure what I mean, it's that something that someone may have told you once you really shouldn't do, it doesn't fit your personality. It is that thing you dread and put off and wait until it reaches critical mass before you do it. I could also be something that you do very well. It may come naturally to you and you may not have to work hard at it, but it sucks your soul dry. That is the thing I am talking about.

How do you mesh the person you really are deep down inside with all the crap you have to do in a day? How do you stay productive and getting the menial crap done without totally losing the true part of yourselves? That is my question for the day... And lest you think I am being rhetorical here, I would like an answer. Siri hasn't got a clue on this one!

I live a very good life and I am not trying to complain about that. I am wealthier than the majority in this world just by the fact that I am working to own a home. So please don't get me wrong, I am just wondering if there is something I have missed. Some part of the life equation that I snoozed through in class that would help me figure out how to get back to that person I found not too long ago. I like her. She's nice to hang out with. I don't like this chick, she's crabby and sullen, a real downer. And if there is no answer (I won't be surprised, that Siri chick knows everything and even she remains silent!), then let this be a rant post that you can safely ignore.

Just us chickens out here in the coop...