Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Watcher

I see you, you know. With your poor me attitude, your why me questions. I see your past foibles, the times you lied, the times you cheated. I see your failings, your crumpled dreams. I see the hateful heart, the unforgiveness, the judgement you pass upon others. I see you for who you really are - That broken shell of humanity, bathed in failure and pathetic attempts at redemption. I see how you have done good things for the furthering of your own means, the selfish way you love and grasp at love for yourself. I see you though you creep along in darkness and hide away in shadows. You cannot hide from me. I see the mistakes you have made, the things you abandoned and left to rot. I see the relationships you tore through like a thief bent on uncovering the last of someone's treasures. I see the lack of relationship, the user in you. I see your jealousy, your envy, your fake celebration over someone else's success. I see your stoney heart when you want to cry out that they don't deserve it like you do. I see your bitter tears and your rotting soul. I see your stoney eyes and your plastic smile full of disingenuous condescension. I see your superiority and your elitism, your sneers and derisive snorts do not escape me. I see every betrayal and every cut you deal out. I hear every snide comment and every left-handed compliment.

I see it all...

And I love you still. I love you because I am God. I love you because I have the heavenly ability to accept my Son's promise of you. I love you because you are mine. Though you cannot deserve it, though you will choose sin every time you are able, I love you still. I love you when you give because I say so. I love you when you help though it cost you dearly. I love you because He loves you, that Son of mine. I love you when you love me. I know you are pathetic, sullied and filthy. I love you anyway. I love you when you cry out in anguish and ask me to save you once more from the terrifying state you have yourself in. I love you when you are honest enough to tell me you hate me in your anger, though your heart cries out to me for comfort. I love you not as the World loves, but as only your Heavenly Father can. I love you because you choose me, not because you have earned it. I do not love you because you reciprocate my love, I love you in spite of how you treat me. I love you even though you beg to know my plans for you before it is time. I love you because I promised I would always love you - And I keep my promises.!

I do not love you because you are better than your neighbor, I love you because you are you. Do not compare yourself to others, you do not know their inner hearts, their sins, their failings like I do. You cannot see the inside of a man as I do. If you could, your heart would break over and over, despair would fall upon you and you would sink into depression the likes you can never comprehend. Trust that I know what is best for you, that you are my favorite as are all my children. Not a thought crosses your mind, nor a circumstance chances into your life that I do not know exactly how it will play out. Trust me to never leave you, nor forsake you - that means I will always be here. Only you can walk away from this promise, I cannot and I will not. Know also, if you walk away, I will always provide a path back to me. I will always welcome you back into my open arms. It is who I am. I am God.

I am.

And I love you still.