Thursday, February 23, 2012

Help Not Wanted

Aren't you cute! How nice of you to come. Look! You brought your little backpack filled with all of the things you think you may need today. Aw... Isn't that nice? Let's see what's in there, shall we?

Hmmm.... I see you brought your expertise. Well, um... ok. That might come in handy. After all, you have made some good decisions in the last 43 years. We will pretend we don't know about all those others that might color your stellar record. Surely I can use something of what you know... There may be something you can add to the conversation, I'm sure.

Ah! I see you have your self-esteem all brushed off and ready to go. Isn't that quaint... You missed a little pride there on the side. I think we will just put this aside. It might get in our way today.

Ahem. Your lunch. Yes, we wouldn't want you to forget to satisfy those base needs of yours. Me? No, I don't need your food. I will get along just fine. It seems to be in a rather large sack. Are you sure you need all of this? I mean, it is just one day... You do? Ok.

Oh yes, your list of questions to ask along the way. It looks much like the questions you asked yesterday... Don't you know these by heart yet? Do you really need the list? You don't want to forget anything. Ah-huh. You don't think I will remember all of the reassurance you need? I might forget. Ah! Ok...

What's this? A flow chart to keep on track? Really? I hadn't thought of that! I just have this omniscient thing going for me, but a chart! Now that is truly unique... Oh yes, please explain it to me. This is how you think things should go? Do I have any questions?

Hmm.... Let me think about that. Do I, the Creator of the Universe have any questions of you, my creation? As a matter of fact, I do!

Do you trust that I am God? Oh, well that is splendid! I am so glad to hear that! Do you believe that I love you? Again, so wonderful to hear! I was a bit concerned there for a moment that my Son's sacrifice might not have been enough for you... Do you believe that I have a plan for you and that I value you above all others? Yes, I know the Bible says that I do, but do you believe it? Good! Then I have only one thing I require of you today.

Leave your baggage right here. If you have me, you need nothing else. Your skills are not what I am after in our relationship, it is your heart I desire. I do not want your help, I require your commitment. I do not ask for your resources, I need your obedience. Of course, Child, you are not a slave to me. You must choose to follow me. As it stands, you are not fit to run the race I have planned out for you, you are too encumbered. I will not strip you of those things you keep trying to bring with you, I will only tell you the race will be much more difficult if you continue to insist on your own way.

Drop your luggage and follow me, hand in hand. Today, I got this! I will be all you need today. I was all you needed yesterday. I will be all you need tomorrow. Trust me. Your trust is worth more to me than all of the other things you possess. When you delight in me, I reward you with the desires of your heart. Prepare to be rewarded! Nothing you leave behind to follow me will ever be missed, I promise...