Saturday, May 26, 2012

Up Around the Bend (Thank you CCR!)

Can you see it there... Just up ahead. There's a turn in the road and it won't be long now. Soon I will be reaching that bend and I will be making new tracks in a place I have not been before. There will be new decisions to make, new paths to travel. I will be used by God to do the things He has created for only me. I will have purpose and I will tread steadily and surely. I will breathe deeply and take it all in. I will appreciate the journey as well as the destination.

If only that were my attitude every day! Before anyone gets their panties in a wad and wonders if I am somehow leaving the state or my husband, take a chill. I am speaking metaphorically here. I talked about Living on the Edge and I am still feeling very much that way. In fact every time I turn around, this guy, or this gal, or this guy have been giving me reason to pause and think about what it is I am doing with my life and if I really am living my Good Story.

I have a great story. Am I doing God justice by living it out loud for the world to see each and every day? No, of course not. I don't think anyone can do it every day... But I know I can do it more than I have been, that is for sure. I know I can start appreciating more, complaining less, smiling like I mean it and being a walking, breathing Good Story to share with those I have come in contact with.

I believe that every day I have a choice to make on how I approach my work. I can take a deep breath and hold it for the impending hours, begging for it to be over soon so I can go really live my life, or I can open my eyes wide, breath deeply of the life I have been given and walk steadily toward that goal I have in mind for that day. I can celebrate or I can dread. I can frown or I can smile. I can pity myself and my circumstances or I can take a quick look around and acknowledge that my issues are so mild and minute to someone else's, no matter what I am faced with.

How will you approach your day tomorrow? Will you walk in dread and fear, or will you choose to live your Good Story, no matter what plot twists the Lord might throw at you? Take a chance, a leap of faith, and roll downhill with it!