Thursday, March 13, 2014

Conversations and reunions...

Well, hello there… It has been long time, hasn't it?

Yes, I'm back.

Not sure how long yet… I am still finding my way.

What have I been up to? Oh, stuff… Writing stuff…

I proved to myself I could finish. Finished a novel.

Well, I sent it to six agencies, so I am trying.

No, haven't heard back yet. The waiting is hard, but not writing is harder, so I started again.

Yes, another novel, but this one is different. Harder, but right. It really feels very… right.

I missed you too. I want to try writing here again. It was good for me.


I think this time I will bring you short stories. Ones that make me better. Ones that stretch my courage…

oh, I have a few ideas. Pinterest helps, when I am not hiding in it.

Yeah, it is great to be back! I'll see you tomorrow, I hope!