Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

He kinda looks like a turkey...

It's that time of year again... That crazy, stress filled, I-have-no-idea-what-to-get-so-and-so, broke, messed up emotional time of year. The Holidays. (yay..) No one can deny that for some it is a holocaust of emotional baggage and unrealistic expectations. Somehow we think these days in November and December carry with them magical insulation from the day to day crap that hounds us the other ten months of the year. Every year we are shocked that it doesn't.

It is in this spirit that I want to bring a bit of clarity, levity and reality to my world this month and next. I want to be reminded that I have it soooo good! I want more than "stuff" to take center stage... I want gratitude.

*I am not going to participate in Black Friday. I don't know who thought calling it that was a good idea... It conjures up a chaotic and horrific image in my mind. The only thing more frightening is that famous bridal sale in a basement somewhere in New York... (shudders) Besides - any other thing we label with "Black" isn't a good thing: Black Beard, Black Hole of Calcutta, Black ice, Blacklist, blackened salmon... So until they rename it Lilac Friday, I will not be stepping out to shop!

*I will think on the things that I am eternally thankful for. I will remember that I have a healthy family, animals that love me, a husband that both works and plays with me, friends that think I am funny (yes, you do!), and a home in which to wallow (because I am fairly sure, by its current state, that we are pigs, not people).

*I will remember those that have gone before me and beside me to insure that I am free and able to eat, drink and be merry while they grab a quick snack of potted meat and crackers in a dusty tent somewhere. I will not complain that I have to work on that day because someone else has actually given his or her life that I can freely do so. If you don't want to work on Thanksgiving, you can always quit... I hear the job market is a veritable carnival of plenty! (Rolls eyes... Yeah, that's what I thought!)

*I will pray for our President. (Not joking. If anyone needs prayers it is the leader of our great nation!)

*I will miss my husband dearly tomorrow, but not allow it to sound in my voice so that he is reminded that I love him more than any other human on the planet. I will pray for God to show him successes measured not by trophies or monetary gain, but by holy influence and hearts touched. I too will strive to mirror that love and jubilation. After all, not everyone gets to do what they were designed to do. Someone has to be a Walmart Greeter...

During these months of craziness, when so much can be twisted around and focused on ourselves, I will remember that I am blessed beyond measure. I will be thankful that I am rich in Christ's love. I will hug my kids tighter, kiss my husband deeper and open more wine with my friends! Because now, more than ever, IT IS NOT ABOUT ME!